Artemisia Fall Cleanse And Workout 16th December 2017 2:30 PM - 16th December 2017 4:30 PM Private Studio, 11 Ridings Close, London, N6 5XE Map


£70.00 Per person

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Artemisia Fall Cleanse And Workout

Artemisia is a seasonal cleanse program that combines Body workouts , Meditation and Healing Strategies. It includes a detailed manual, a unique approach of seasonal, anti-inflammatory food in delicious recipes, instructions for tools for cravings and a supportive community.
Participants will re-set their physical and emotional bodies by taking care of themselves.

I'll be work with you around daily nutritional plans, body map and workout.
Under the control of your GB in 14 days we will remove common irritants, while nourishing ourself with vegan and whole foods from Artemisia recipes repertoire. Through detailed daily plans, you will be guided through 2 tiers of detox:
Days 1 - 3:if you are still eating animals product reduce animal protein diet of fish and egg & remove gluten, dairy, highly processed soy, alcohol, and sugar, if you already vegetarian or vegan start day 4.
Days 4 - 10: animal protein is removed all together.

You are given techniques and routines to supporting your wellness goals.
Together, we will clean emotional and physical blocks to reveal a focused and vibrant version of ourself.
There are 3 reasons why we think is good eat Vegan and Workout following Dance criteria:
Animal-based foods require so much energy for the body to not only digest, but also to break down and eliminate the excess wastes. It robs my These foods also don't have the raw source of nutrition like plant-based foods do because they're higher on the food chain;
Plant-based athletes normally also recover much more quickly because there is less inflammation in the body, therefore athletes don't need as much"down time" to get back on track. This allows athletes to spend less time dealing with muscle aches and pains, and have more time to practice their sport and reach their goals. I can do more classes than before;
Exercise ages the body, even though it's necessary to keep us healthy. Tearing down our muscles isn't easy on the body, but the right nutrition plan can help reduce the aging effects of exercise naturally by supporting the body on a cellular level. Animal-based proteins on the other hand, contribute to aging, due to its detrimental effects on the body.

When we combine those factors, if you are a lover of lean, long body, feminine but strong and well balanced you will burst your own body toward a new experience: you will feel light, energetic, aware, alert.

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